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About Us and Our Culture

Technology blogging is about team building. At 1 En Bus Cadores. We are all about creating a great environment, where talented people can grow and succeed together.

Our mission as a team is to educate and share experiences. We are much more focused on content delivery, audit and periodic improvements as compared to just writing about the technology. So, we need to engage our audience and the Google algorithms by utilizing various aspects of SEO, SMO and other digital marketing tactics.

A major part of our work is derived in analyzing the plethora of content available in the digital space. This helps us to determine the right areas, themes and content to be published.

While we use technologies to get the business results, we play the game as content creators but not sellers (of ads).

We interact frequently with our readers. Our content has the objective to reflect the light on the readers themselves by making them the act of telling their stories.

Our work requires a webmaster with high standards of quality and scope of imagination to help us build, tune and maintain the most valued brand online. You will be a major player in the success of 1 En Bus Cadores.

We are a small but a dynamic team, where we need to balance tasks, managing the skills, contribution, quality of work and relationships. We do not use the hands-off management style, and we have a flat structure rather than a departmental one.

This site was really built with you in mind and we hope you will find it useful.

Your comments or questions are of course welcome.